Monday, August 25, 2008

Remembered by Tamera Alexander

Remembered is the third in Tamera Alexander’s Fountain Creek Series. This last installment features the tales of Veronique Girard and Jack Brennan.

Parisienne, Veronique Girard is used to a luxurious life as the companion to a noble Frenchwoman. When her mother passes away, however; Veronique is manipulated into embarking on a quest to search for her father in the far distant, and utterly foreign Colorado Territory.

Jack Brennan is a man on a mission. He has been leading families west for thirteen years, since a tragedy took his wife and son. Now he has come to grips with his past and is ready to settle down.  He takes a job as freighter from the banks of Fountain Creek up into the mining camps.

His plans are disrupted when Veronique arrives in town and buys “his” wagon out from under him. When every other option fails and his obligations loom, he finally agrees to take her with him into the mining towns, in order to search for her father, in exchange for the use of her wagon.

The sparks fly as these two well-drawn characters are inexorably drawn together. The writing is accomplished and Ms. Alexander has a wonderful style. In particular, her characterization shines. She builds a delightful inspirational romance that comes complete with a satisfying end, and a rock solid foundation of truth that speaks to hearts. Highly recommended if you enjoy sweet romance.


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