Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shadow of Colossus by T. L. Higley

Tessa of Delos is Rhodes' premier heteara. To all appearances she has everything a woman could desire—luxury, prominence, the appreciation of men and a powerful patron. Only she truly understands her reality—that the trappings of an enslaved courtesan are simply gilding to the cage. Her deepest desire is to be free, even if the only means is her death.

When her patron, Glaucus is killed by a falling roof tile Tessa knows she will be accused of murder, and so she attempts to hide the body in the hopes that she can finally escape her bondage.

At the same time, conspiracies are fermenting to undermine Rhodian democracy. Tessa must act as mouthpiece for the dead Glaucus and prevent anyone from learning her terrible secret.

Nikos will do anything to make his father proud. After all the man rescued him from the life of a peasant, and brought him into his home, naming him a son. The desire to prove himself is a fire in Nikos’ belly. His first chance comes when he is commissioned by his father to infiltrate the Glaucus home, and learn the man’s position on joining the Achean League.

Instead of the information he seeks, Nikos discovers a dead body and a woman who takes his breath away.

T.L. Higley has a master’s grasp of storytelling. She draws the reader in from the first page and won’t let go with her blend of great characters, gripping suspense and period detail. Shadow of Colossus is one of those rare novels that stay with you long after you read the last word, and leaves you wanting more. I cannot wait to see what she offers in the next book of her Seven Wonders series.

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