Saturday, July 19, 2008


I always wanted to have a premier. Until I have a little baby book to nudge on out into the world, a blog is as good a way as any to introduce myself to the world. This blog will be devoted to reviews of Christian fiction-specifically, but not exclusively-historical fiction and mysteries. At the bottom of this page is a batting list of what I will be reviewing next. 

My purpose in reviewing is never to be critical for the sake of it, and I will never post anything to be mean-spirited. If I offend please know that I did not set out to do so. I welcome comments on my comments and enjoy a good debate as well as anyone, so fire away!

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Must Reads

  • All the Tea in China-Jane Orcutt
  • In the Shadow of the Sun King-Golden Keyes Parsons
  • Wings of a Dream-Anne Mateer